Lines, Drains and Droves, an on-going large format film project

So here are a few images from an on-going project documenting some of the features that make up (for me) the Cambridgeshire Fenlands. These are scans of some silver prints made over the last few years from various 5×4 cameras.


My printing style is slowly evolving and changing as I seek to express the unique identity of this landscape through my lens and darkroom.
Tick Fen, Glassmoor Bank, Bevill’s Leamington, Lodes End, Puddock Road and Ramsey Hollow the Middle Level of the Cambridgshire Fens evokes an air or mystery, intrigue, at once accessible and at the same time remote. The fens sit heavy under brooding skies where the light can change by the minute illuminating reeds and drains, tantalising the eye and fulling the soul with its endless beauty.


The fenland cottage. … I’ve been returning here to document it’s demise for 10 years or so. Sitting by the 40ft drain  the cottage is now in a poor state but looks as though it will be renovated soon, some scaffolding gives the game away. So maybe my time with the fenland cottage is coming to an end …

lines-drains-and-droves-fenland-12lines-drains-and-droves-fenland-11lines-drains-and-droves-fenland-7_edited-1lines-drains-and-droves-fenland-8_edited-1lines-drains-and-droves-fenland-7_edited-1lines-drains-and-droves-fenland-4-copylines-drains-and-droves-fenland-10 bevills-leam-by-beggars-bridge-fenland-2015-copy


  1. These have a really nice feel to them. I especially like the shot with the train going over the bridge, very nice lines. Makes me want to get into printing, where do you print? Do you do it at home or have a local darkroom? It looks like a great place to explore too.


    1. Thanks so much Matt

      I have had a garage darkroom for 20 odd years – the current one is about 15 years old. I added a few details to the about tag but I am having a few tech struggles with the site down to my stupidity !

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  2. Hello Andrew, Just came across your site, and your wonderful pictures – such a great inspiration for me as I try and grapple with learning how to do analogue B&W. I’m at the start of what looks like a long journey, and its easy to get bogged down in the how, and not spend enough time looking up/out/down. Your pictures helped restore a better balance, many of them evoking a sense of stillness that I really like, and/or showing signs of human presence, but without the people. I also really liked the lockdown ‘ordinary’ pictures, they struck a real chord. Keep ups the great work..


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