A Day of Brutalism – at the UEA

Not everyone’s cup of tea, “Brutalist” architecture, it’s somewhat of a “Marmite” experience. Finding favour after the war, urban planners had a dream of perfect living, a utopia  – monuments to the future. Did they succeed? maybe, for national institutions like the South Bank Centre in London, or indeed the UEA in Norwich, but high rise flats built in this style became traps for the unwary, dead spaces for drug takers and worse, walkways to be walked with caution.

So here is the UEA, a day trip to see an exhibition of Japanese photographers with Steve Segesby and Alex Yates.

To complement the architecture these images were made in a Pentax 6X7, something of the “brutalist” about this camera you may think. One lens – the 55mm, and some Ilford Delta 3200 which eventually ended up in some neat ID11 developer.

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