Fenland – Another View

Fenland - Another View #9Fenland - Another View #8Here is the beginning of an evolving series of darkroom prints.

The Cambridgeshire Fenlands from the back of Warboys to Whittlesea in the North and Woodwalton Fen to the west mark the rough boundary of my wanderings.  Evolving from the on-going series “Lines, Drains and Droves” Fenland  – Another View moves away from the scenic (in my eyes) of large expanses of sky, dykes and drains, and ploughed fields into something more “hard edged” , images that are easily overlooked, images that begin to sum up the quirkiness of the place.

Images of the ordinary in an extraordinary landscape – transformed by stormclouds and sunlight.

For the technical minded this project uses the Fuji GW690 with a variety of film stock – Ilford HP5, Delta3200 and more recently Bergger Pancro400. Film developer is usually Ilford ID11 1+1 or neat for Delta 3200.

Darkroom prints made using Ilford MGFB paper usually in the Devere 504 enlarger.

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