Ljubljana Pinholes

This was my third visit to the capital of Slovenia but this time I has so little time to photograph anything.

We arrived late and it was already dark and with temperatures dropping to -12 our time in the evening was spent drinking beer and eating a rather wonderful pizza.

A few weeks before I had taken receipt of the Reality So Subtle 6×12 pinhole camera to partner the 6x6f that I absolutely adore.

So not to be outdone by the lack of time I awoke early and headed 2 minutes down to the main bridge (Dragon Bridge I think it’s called) with the RSS on a lightweight travel tripod, to burn through a roll of HP5.

Here are some of the results from the film developed in Tanol staining developer 1+1+100 for 16.5 minutes.


Image result for RSS 6x12 pinhole And here is a picture of the 6×17 bigger brother but the 6×12 is much the same, two pinholes, one for more sky and one for more land. The image is recorded on film sitting on a curved plane (takes a bit of getting used to loading the film) which ensures light intensity falling on the film is even across the frame. I have to say it works really well, that, and the quality of the pinhole makes this 6×12 pinhole one of the best on the market (IMHO and having used the ONDU equivalent).

Conclusion – I’m blown away by the images this camera produces with HP5 and staining developer – the next step is to make some prints.

Let me know what you think.





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