Rediscovering my Instant Mojo

Of late it’s all been about the darkroom.

Print projects occupying my mind, large format trips into the Cambridgeshire fenlands where I live, discovering salt printing.

It’s a far cry from a few years ago when I was OBSESSED with instant photography, when the fridge was stocked with expired 669 and 108 film, Impossible Project film burnt through my hands (and pockets) and my love of vintage SX70s and SLR680s relegated just about everything else to the back burner.

Fast forward a few years and The Impossible Project is dead, Polaroid Originals is born, all my expired film has long since been sold, SX70s gone, SLR680s gone……. But the instant film community, I still feel connected to it in inverse proportion to the DISCONNECT I feel for Polaroid Original (but don’t get me started).

And so when the lovely Ray Liu who runs the Facebook instant group “See Click Squared” (clever eh?) suggested a Polaroid (and Instax) walk in Cambridge, which is just half an hour away, I could hardly say no.

So I grabbed my last remaining half decent box camera, a 660 Autofocus and two packs of Impossible Project 600 speed black and white film that I bought from the Photography Show last Month in Birmingham and set off to meet the group.

And what a lovely day we had.

And I did discover my Instant Mojo, somewhat………


Cambridge #1 2018Cambridge #2 2018Cambridge #3 2018Cambridge #4 2018Cambridge #5 2018Cambridge #6 2018Cambridge #7 2018



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