For the love of 60 year old folders – and a bit of HP5+

I now have three 1950 vintage folding medium format cameras, the most recent purchase is a lovely Nettar 6×9 which came in almost mint condition for the princely sum of £35. The owner had used it and could vouch for it.

I already shoot 6×9 with my GX690 II which I live dearly but it isn’t so portable especially if I want to take a few cameras with me on a trip, I had in mind a forthcoming 4 day trip to Berlin so this is ideal to slip in my Tenba bag with two pinhole cameras and film.

Bellows appear good and tight so I loaded it with my usual Ilford HP5 and went for a drive around the fens within a 5 mile radius from my house – it was sunny and I usually avoid bright sun but thought it would be a good test.

The camera is delightful to use although with only a top speed of 1/200 I may stick to HP5, the other odd thing about it is the shutter release is on the left hand side which took a bit of getting used to especially when I needed my right hand to act as a lens hood as I shot into the sun.

Anyway – with a hot shoe rangefinder I was able to get pretty accurate focusing (except when I forgot to set it) and made some close up reed images and mid distance corrugated hut image to test it and my focusing abilities.

Spent a few hours in the darkroom making postcard prints for mates

There may be a slight light leak in the bottom right but I wont worry about it and printing will take care of it.

Overall – super impressed – negs are biting sharp across the frame, it looks great and it was super cheap.

IMG_2818 The camera in all its finery

All these images are in “my back yard”…..

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