A week with the @Littlest_Holga

I’m not sure how long she has been on the road, flying around the world but just a couple of weeks ago @Littlest_Holga arrived in Warboys.

Bright “glow in the dark” purple colouring she certainly caused a stir with the three other plastic lensed Holgas in the @warboyssnapper household.

As well as the camera came a box of tricks – filters, prisms, small tripod and of course some black tape to stop the back flying off at inappropriate times.

So some of you will know that I am a prolific Holga shooter and especially love the results you get using it as a portrait camera. I also enjoyed playing with the prism attachment and the red filter combo.

All shots on HP5+ developed this time in PMK Pyro for 13 mins

She is now on the way to Isabel Curdes in Denmark.

Safe Journey @Littlest_Holga


I love taking pictures of people I meet on the street, this lady asked if the Holga was a Leica. I always take their address and send them a darkroom print


During the week that @Littlest_Holga stayed with us I had to stop by the superb AG Photographic in Aston, Birmingham to pick up 5 rolls of Ektachrome 100 and some ID11 developer which is my standard brew for all mono films – dilute it 1+1

This gas tower is much photographed but never before with the @Littlest_Holga and that prism attachment


We were in Ely for the day and lunchtime in a small café was just the thing to record some longer exposures – here I sat @Littlest_Holga on our table pointing at some people on the next table, you can set your Holga to “B” mode and simply hold the shutter open, this is what I did here for 5 or 6 seconds, a complete guess, but hey it’s HP5


Final walk around Cambridge snapping away……

It was great fun



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