Glimpses of Berlin

I’ve been developing rolls of Kodak Ektar from our Summer trip to Berlin. I had two pinhole cameras with me both are highly recommended 6×6 cameras. For black and white I used the Reality So Subtle 6x6F with a yellow filter screwed on the front and for colour I used Todd Schlemmer’s 3D printed Terapin Oskar 6×6.

I used the terrapin almost casually as I went around Berlin with Mrs B, almost like an I phone but way more fun.  For exposure I used the Pinhole Assist App and more often than not added a bit for luck.

All developed in Tetenal C41 kit

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  1. Really nice work! I tend to use a tripod but heard that you “went away” from that and I now understand why, really cool angles and I guess that it adds an extra dimension of challenge searching for places to put the camera.

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