French Odyssey and some Eastman 5222

I have made loads of business trips in 2018, if I don’t ever make another I will be fine with that. The upside is I take a film camera with me and try to make some time to shoot some frames as I wander around in the evening.

So on these two trips to France, Montmartre and near Marseille I had my Nikon F2 with 50mm lens and yellow filter. Film was Eastman 5222 rated at 200 and developed in ID11 1+1 for 9 mins

Montmartre is a beautiful part of Paris but very busy in high summer

Hot French days with temperatures hitting the high 40s – the Eastman film performed well, it’s important to choose your developer carefully or at least maybe cut the time down by 20% to control the highlights in your film.

With temperatures near Marseille in July nearing the 40 degree mark the Eastman film handled it well enough. In these situations its important not to overdevelop your film as the highlights can easily get blown – choice of developer can help, stand development, pyro or a soft working D23 variant maybe. I tend to stick with ID11 diluted 1+1 and here I cut development time by 15%

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