From a meeting with friends to prints

I have said it many times myself, and it is often repeated…..print your pictures! It doesn’t matter whether you send them off to a lab, at home or in the darkroom.

Files that languish on a hard drive or cloud are vulnerable. Why else would Hollywood insist on backing up important films onto film?

Can anyone recover data from a 3 1/2″ floppy disc drive (remember those) these days? I think not.

Print your pictures, write on the back and make a legacy for the future.

I only print in the darkroom, and whilst I love going in there and trying (trying) to make one off pieces of art, I also enjoy printing the more mundane shots.

I met up recently with some lovely friends in Cambridge and we all snapped away, I’m drawn to details when I’m using the Rolleiflex, or shadows, views through windows, that sort of thing.

All these prints are sleeved and filed and I think work best when presented together as a reminder to me of the photowalk in Cambridge,

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