A dive into panorama with a Zenit Horizon

This arrived last week…..

Poorman’s Xpan?


What I do know is I started smiling when it arrived and haven’t stopped since, I take it out of its neat bag that it came with and I smile, I load film (not ever so straight forward), and I smile. I press the shutter button, and I smile.

The first roll of film didn’t go well when I yanked the film out of the cassette at the end then opened the back of the camera…… the second roll was some Eastman 5222 (double x) movie film.

I made a couple of pics at the OK Diner on the A1 north bound then some more in the Fenland where I live.

Developed in ID11 1+1 for 8 mins

Conclusions – frame spacing is good – some light entering on some of the shots which I think is due to the lack of foam seals in the camera so next time out I will tape up the door as I think that’s where the problem lies.

I was confused for a while as the speed of rotation of the lens is constant, despite changing the shutter speeds. It took my good buddy Simon Forster to point out that this is normal and it is the shutter slit that changes depending on the speed selected – I’m such an idiot.


Here are some pics – I love the way the telegraph wires have distorted



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  1. Andrew Don’t feel bad about not having an expensive X-Pan. Mine WAS great for a few years. Then took it out to use it and it made a funny whirring sound. After many inquiries it seems no one can get the parts and it is now unusable. $2000 down the tubes after only about a dozen rolls of film. That’s the problem with electronics, isn’t it? My Widelux and Nobles have not failed me. I miss the two formats the XPan has. Oh well, I have the two lenses that I suppose I can sell.

    Enjoy your adventures. I’m a bit jealous of your caravan trips. Corey can tease you all he wants but it looks like fun to me. We just have no where to store one.

    Enjoy your adventures


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    > On Nov

    > 1, 2019,


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