RNLI, Fuji GW690 and some Kodak Portra 160

The Fuji GW690 rangefinder (mine is the version 2) is a camera I generally use for specific projects. It has accompanied me on USA road trips for example. the beautiful large negative, the lack of lens choice, the stupidly sharp lens make it a joy to use in situations where you don’t want to or don’t have the time to, quite frankly faff around.

And so it was we found ourselves back at a favorite part of the North Cornwall coast in the early summer of 2019. Trevaunance Cove is accessible from the village of St Agnes, just follow the signs and if you have time take a pint and some food in the Driftwood Spars pub – you wont be disappointed.

As soon as I saw the lifeguards I knew exactly what to do with the GW that day, load it with Portra160 and take some pictures of these guys.

So the usual thing “hello would you mind if I took a few pictures with my film camera? – I will email you some pictures when I eventually develop the film” – very rarely have I had anyone say no.

Just around the head from Trevaunance Cove is Chapel Porth and there I met Laim, barefoot in the lifeguard cabin sweeping the floor – of course he had to pose for me. Then his mate down on the beach seemed a natural and readily agreeable model.

These guys are a credit to the RNLI hope you enjoy the images (the two black and white ones are also Portra 160 but I had a yellow filter on the lens and took to snaps before I realised, it was easier to convert to black and white than remove the cast (for me at least)…



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