A Christmas Pinhole

Christmas 2019 was documented with some pinhole shots and some Polaroid shots.

I made portraits of family members using the Polaroid SX70 Alpha 1 and the lovely Polaroid Colour film you can buy now, the Mint flashbar helped indoor exposures.

This blog post isn’t about the Polaroid images but about one of my favourite pinhole cameras and the subject of my last post, the Terrapin Oskar 6×6 camera. Over the Christmas holidays I shot a roll of Portra 160 and on the lead up some Cinestill 800T. The cinestill shots were made on an overnight trip to Liverpool to see my Daughter and her boyfriend along with a “works night out” at a lovely Thai restaurant in Chester.

Pinhole photography is just perfect for capturing chunks of time and recording those unique moments in a unique way.

This first set of pictures was on or around Christmas day and all Portra 160 – I love the roast potato shot.

The second lot are from a roll of Cinestill 800T – both rolls were developed in Cinestill C41 chemistry which is excellent by the way.


Stay Safe

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