The joy of photographing friends – and sending them a postcard.

I love making portraits of strangers, of people I meet on the street. This is a kind of on going obsession of mine and was the subject of a blog post a year or two ago. I always make a point of sending the person a darkroom print and that makes it a lovely engaging experience.

But what better way to practice your portrait skills than to take pictures of your mates. Twitter has been a really positive influence on my photography since I joined in 2012, reaching out to a community of like minded individuals, engaging on projects, getting involved in hosting two film photography podcasts and above all, meeting many of them in real life.

There are two groups I meet with regularly, fostered by our shared love of instant and pinhole photography. It was the latter group I met with at Christmas 2019 in Norwich.

Cath Cartman, Jimmy Hickford, Alex Yates, Neil Piper and I all converged in Norwich to wander, have lunch and expose some film in pinhole cameras.

On this trip I also took my Yashica 44 127 camera with me loaded with HP5. I had cut the roll down from 120 using the Camera Hack 120 to 127 daylight slitter device.

Of course I had to make portraits of the gang.

I developed the roll in Rodinal 1:100 for 60 mins inverting a couple of times half way through. The negs had light leaks where I bodged the slitting process but I managed to salvage 4 portraits but unfortunately not one of Cath.

Combining photos of mates with postcard paper and sending them through the post adds to the joy , even if Jimmy was a bit freaked out.

Top to bottom – Alex Yates, Jimmy Hickford, Joe Baker and Neil Piper

Alex YatesJimmy Hickford

Joe BakerNeil Piper

Continue to Stay Safe.

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