2020 – The year of the box camera, part 1.

Just before the world turned mental I joined a small group of 20 or so photographers who committed to exposing a roll of film a month (can be more) through a box camera. It didn’t have to be a different box camera each time but as I had a number of these things sitting around and hardly ever used what a perfect opportunity to see what creative possibilities were out there.

Being a huge toy camera and pinhole fan and often looking for the “less than perfect” image it was a long overdue exercise to give these some love.

Neil Piper is running the group called Project Box Camera and you can follow along here.


March was the first month for uploading to the project shared folder and for this I broke out my Agfa Synchro Box – probably the coolest named box camera I have.

Cool name it might have but it has some very basic features, single shutter speed and aperture but it does have a cable release socket and a neat build in yellow filter. Here are some pictures from a day in the fens and of the camera.

April – with the lockdown looming we went for a walk by the Great Ouse in Huntingdon and this time I took a newly acquired Coronet Ambassador camera.

This camera also has a built in filter but this time its green and mine is very grubby, greasy! I didn’t clean it as I was curious as to what results I would get.

The Ambassador sports a snazzy front plate, single shutter speed, built in green filter and a time mode. No cable release but some neat metal covers for the two viewfinders.

I made darkroom lith prints for this month. The greasy filter adds a certain glow and softness to the pictures that I quite like. SO I wont clean it for now.

May – was an odd month as we celebrated VE day under lockdown. What better way than to record it on a vintage box camera. Out came my art deco baby brownie 127 camera and I wandered around our village asking if I could make portraits of people and send them prints. They all agreed and all got prints.

The project runs till the end of the year I think then maybe a zine, who knows?

Anyway Stay Safe.


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