First photo walk since lockdown – and some sprocket fun.

I find myself turning into a hermit.

Haven’t really wanted to go anywhere.

We had a trip to the Lake District in the caravan in September, we didn’t get close to anyone so I guess that counts as “hermit-like” in nature.

As the weeks roll into months I have found myself missing Cambridge, it’s only 40 minutes away, not too big, interesting sights that you never really get bored with, opportunities to snap away because it’s usually full of tourists and no one cares.

So it was with a mixture of excitement and anxiety that I boarded the guided bus (google it) at St Ives and headed into Cambridge to meet Jimmy Hickford. It turned into a photo foursome as I met Francis Pullen and his regular photo buddy Fred. Needless to say we had a great time.

I had my Lomography Belair loaded with 35mmTri-X in the 35mm back which gives 35mm x 110mm negatives across the sprockets. Not all that sharp at the edges but if you nail the focus and manage to avoid camera shake and pray…well, you can get some great images.

These are fun but not sure how great they are.

Oh – I forgot to mention the back scratches the non emulsion side of the film so I have some tape to apply to the scratchy parts or some sanding. Scratches to the non-emulsion side don’t show up in darkroom prints but they do seem to in scans. I’ll make some prints in due course.

Anyway – thanks for taking the time to have a read and a look.

Stay Safe

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