The year of the box camera, part 2

This little group on FB of 21 photographers has been a joy to be part of and has been a really enjoyable experience. Here is another two months worth.

June 2020

A spell of nice weather in the UK saw me venturing out with the Kodak Brownie Flash 3 box camera.

Made in England by Kodak Ltd ltd with a stylish front face I respooled some HP5 onto a 620 spool and headed off into the fens to test out the built in yellow filter and the two focus ranges of 5-10 ft and more than 10ft. The camera also boasts a bulb setting and a shutter lock to prevent accidental double exposures

Some vignetting at the edges but these are just some rough scans and no doubt I will make some 5×7 prints at some point.

July 2020

Took out the baby brownie again in July for a long awaited trip to Old Hunstanton Beach. Some Rerapan 100 was taken out this time and I made a set of 5×7 prints. I pretty much love everything about this camera and the way the lens renders scenes. The darkroom prints were selenium tones.

August 2020


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