Meet the “NetPan” – possibly my favourite so far.

Like many others who I interact with on social media I am somewhat obsessed with panoramic images. Also like many others some of the dedicated options are way out of my budget.

I have had some lovely results using my Texax Leica the GW690 ll and for that camera I have a little frame mask shown below, not absolutely necessary but it may help flatness and of course it cuts out the sprockets. Downside is you have to do a small hack, well its not really a hack, but in order for the advance to work properly some thick “self stick” PVC thick tape is needed around the rotating shaft before the take up spool. – take a look on YouTube and search for “TexPan” to see what I mean.

I am a great fan of folding roll film cameras, they are increasing in price along with all film cameras as the youngsters realise that their parents are actually suddenly “hip” after being ridiculed as dinosaurs for using film cameras in the digital era. So I take some comfort in that but not in the fact that the prices for film cameras is now getting silly.

Anyway back to folders. My favourite 6×6 are the Franka Solida 3 with uncoupled rangefinders, I have two of these and they are just perfect in all regards.

For a trip to Berlin a few years ago I purchased a beautiful Nettar 6×9 camera that has recently been CLAd by Lyndon of Londinium Camera.

And here she is in all her glory.

The little metal things are 35mm adapters and with two 35mm canisters, one with Fomapan 100 and the other empty I reckoned I needed to wind the film on 2 1/2 turns to get the right frame spacing. for sprocket panoramas 35×86 in size so about 2 1/2 x as wide as high – nice!

As it turned out 2 turns should be fine as I wasted a fair bit of film.

Also next time that mask for the GW690 is going to be taped in place to see what difference that makes and to give me the option of sprocketless images.

Here are three images from my test roll, all printed on Ilford’s new MGRC Deluxe with a bit of sky burning in at a lower grade to avoid “halos” round trees etc.

Quite a promising start and I think I have settled on my panoramic option.

Behold the NetPan.

Update – second roll loaded with the metal mask

Stay Safe

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