Can I love Lomography Metropolis? – and the tale of calibrating focus on my Lubitel 2

This is the second Lubitel 2 I have owned. I gave away my first one, not because it didn’t make great images, because it did. I gave it away because I could and hoped someone would be blessed by it.

After a while I had a hankering for another one so I got this a while back, it wasnt a lot of money on ebay and looked in great condition but sold as seen. As it turned out the viewing lens and taking lens were out of alignment so I needed to spend some time putting it right.

Lockdown and early retirement meant I now have more time so loosening the lens from inside and a few mins fiddling with the alignment using some opaque tape as a ground glass it was time to test out my “repair”.

I had previously used some Lomography Metropolis 35mm in my Belair and sometimes I liked the results and sometimes not, maybe it needs specific subjects – buildings and portraits or combined I think work well.

Anyhow I ran a roll through it mainly to test out the camera and Im pleased to say all is good with the focus but do I love Metropolis – mmmmm still not sure, maybe… day.

I love my Lubitel 2 though.

Stay Safe

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