Remembering NYC – images from the street on FP3000b

Prompted by a black and white image posted by John Farnan as he was wistfully remembering being able to travel to New York it got me reminiscing too.

New York is a place that I had wanted to travel to for years , and when we finally arrived and dumped our bags ……

Jet lagged but overawed with the sights, the sounds, the smells. “Can’t believe we are actually here” I remember saying.

We were staying just a couple of blocks away from the flat iron building, a building I’d been obsessed with since seeing the iconic images made by Stieglitz.

Street photography with a 250 land camera and a super fast film – why not……

Images everywhere……

The taxis didn’t look like they should in my head – maybe cos we were no longer in the 70s!

I had a clip on orange filter that sat over the lens on the 250 as well as the electronic eye. Had to test it out with the iconic Empire State Building.

Street vendors were happy to pose – gave this chap a print…. Heck I’d only paid $5 a pack!

And there is just normal life …..

Boy I miss NY and FP3000b

Stay Safe.

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