Polaroid Week – Autumn 2021

I’ve had an on off love affair with instant photography since 2010. This is ironic because Polaroid (as it was) closed it’s doors for the last time the year before.


But in stepped some visionary , brilliant, enthusiastic Ex-Polaroid employees who purchased the Dutch factory and machinery and began remaking the integral instant material for your SX70 and 600 cameras.

Woodwalton Fen

It was IMPOSSIBLE they said……

Over ten years later and Impossible Project has reclaimed the Polaroid name and have pretty decent products which is just the best thing for those of us that still want to use those old cameras.

Fenland Cottage

Over that time Polaroid peel apart style film has been resurrected in the form of One Instant and indeed New 55 for your large format camera.

These niche in a niche instant materials aren’t cheap but they are available and I glad about it.


The Polaroid SX70 film is now rather lovely and stable; the black and white is lovely but maybe still fades a bit over time…. But I’m kind of OK with that and still find it a beautiful material for capturing the nature of the Fenlands.

Fenland – Expired Impossible Project film.

And so we draw to the close of another brilliant Polaroid Week.

Why not join in for Spring 2022?

Stay Safe

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