A Kind of Blue – A lost love affair with Polaroid Blue

2012 NYC

I discovered the joys of Polaroid Blue around 2011, you could pick it up pretty cheap still and I just loved it from the beginning…..

FlatIron – NYC

When we traveled to New York I had a carry on suitcase with Polaroid blue, 669 ,FP3000b and more…… but there was something about how the blue rendered buildings.

Boston – 2012

And low light – you see that hint of red, the blue emulsion showed that up and you could use it to your advantage.

Wild Poppies – Fenland

With poppies…..

And other flowers !

Boston – 2012

But whether it was city scapes…..

Georgia – Fenland

Or portraits, It was a sublime emulsion and I mourn its loss but the love affair burned brightly for a while.

Stay safe.

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