Cinestill 800T and a Terrapin pinhole camera.

I have a few commercially made pinhole cameras and they are all excellent, however I do find the clever circular shutter on Todd Schlemmer’s 6×6 Terrapin Oskar cameras very intuitive and “shake free”. Todd makes most of his 3D camera designs open source so if you have a 3D printer you are all set. Otherwise look him up and see if he can make one for you.


Over two nights in December I found myself in the North West of England, in Liverpool one night to visit my Daughter and her boyfriend and the other, in Chester for a Christmas meal with a few work colleagues.  All of the above are used to me plonking a pinhole camera on the table and making these odd images. Sometimes they can even make themselves out.

This time I had a roll of Cinestill 800T loaded, I could find no real guidance for exposure reciprocity so I think I just guessed, to be honest I cant remember.

Anyway here are the pictures from those two nights in December.


Stay safe everyone.

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