Blended Adventures #1

A while back we had Chris Peregoy as a guest on the Lensless Podcast Show 87, you can listen in all the usual places. – paste this link into Google.

Chris is the mastermind behind the Pinhole Blender website selling these wonderful pinhole cameras with three pinholes giving blended images across a 120 negative frame of 6×17 – and looks like this.

The 120 Blender from Chris Peregoy

The centre pinhole will make a standard image on a curved plane but the two side pinholes will make sort of anamorph images stretching across the film plane – it really is bonkers, in a great way.

Chris had a “second” that he sent me in the post along with a neat little anamorphic camera and a magnetic tripod holder and a roll of black tape!

It has taken me a while to finish the first roll of HP5, I really wanted to use this in an urban environment but COVID-19 has gotten in the way and I’ve barely been out of Warboys.

Anyway after a few false starts I loaded her up and finally finished the roll – two shots by the river at a campsite and two in our local church yard.

#1 – West View Marina a boat, trailer and trees! – has potential
#2 – the middle pinhole was looking at this grave marker and the other two at the church yard – not a great use of the three holes I think
#3 – from a dim part of the church yard with the outer part under exposed – I’m not sure if I should be somehow compensating or balancing exposure between the three pinholes….or I’m just over thinking it
#4 – looking at the river as a leisure boat came past – didn’t really work out as I thought but trying to previsualise what this camera does makes my head spin.

So what do I think?

Well, I think I have to build a project around this camera, a blended panoramic can result in a very “dreamlike” and surreal image and so I will probably do my usual thing and take it out into the fenland to see how it brings elements in the landscape together.

Mmmmmmm – thanks Chris, another creative tool.

Stay Safe.


    1. Thanks Colin. You can use the camera in a number of ways. So far I have opened up each pinhole in turn without moving the camera. So what you get is a central rendering of the image onto an inner circular film plane then the other two come at the same piece of film from the sides – his website shows the workings better than I’m explaining.

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