Hotel Ghosts – a pinhole project

For nearly 30 years I travelled around the UK for work, normally I would stay away from home a few nights each month and this was ok, for a while.

But as the years rolled on the fun started going out of the job and I felt like I was on a hamster wheel, round and round in circles. I wasn’t “suffering fools” easily and , well I just began to resent being away from home.

There was a time when a night away would be fun, a new bit of scenery, a beer and a nice meal….. but not now, I felt drained and lost.

I felt as though something was being ripped out of me and surely there must be more to life.

The job paid well, I was good at it , some things I even enjoyed still……but it wasn’t enough

Hotels started to look alike , rooms all had the same feel and look. I used to seek out quirky places to stay, quaint pubs , but I couldn’t be bothered anymore.

It was like I was fading away.

Or being split in two.

So now I have left the job, I still do a few days a month for them, it’s nice to be valued so I’m grateful for that.

Who knows what the future holds, it is, a leap of faith.

Stay safe

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